Karen's Approach to Life

Life can be difficult. It really comes down to just allowance of what is. We spend so much time trying to get somewhere or finding an easier way. When really if we stay present and stay in a state of allowance, all that we need will manifest. Many times we are putting way to much effort into achieving a goal or a dream. There are no short cuts. We need to allow and accept “what is” in order to move closer to peace and wholeness within, even when it feels so painful and difficult. Once we are able to do this, we will enjoy the journey even when it is difficult. Just knowing that there is so much love in our hearts allows us to choose to be happy. This is what life is, a choice. You can always change your path by changing the channel.

Through our yoga practice, we learn to look at ourselves, including the parts of us that are less evolved or pleasant. Learning how to do this physically with discomfort in an asana (pose) helps us to do this emotionally, spiritually and on every other level.

Yoga is the human quest for remembering our true nature, our deepest selves. In every human heart lies a deep longing to connect to something bigger than oneself, to find a sense of belonging and meaning to life. We are all individuals of the Divine and we are all one of this Universe.

All of this is why we practice yoga on and off our mats.


Karen offers yoga classes and private yoga sessions in Granada Hills, Mission Hills, North Hills, Northridge, Chatsworth, and Porter Ranch CA. To enroll in a class or to schedule a private session please email Karen your request.



Thought of the Day

"Remember to take time today for reflection, introspection, rejuvenation and acknowledgment of the Divinity that resides in the center of your heart."



- ~Marydale~

Currently, group classes are offered livestream and on-demand online. To signup and join a group class, please visit Prema Yoga. If you are looking for a private class, please call (818) 209-0200. Private classes are offered through Zoom and in-person.
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